Article II


2.1 Permitted Use. " other use than one single detached single-family dwelling, and garage for not less than two cars."


2.2 No Temporary Dwellings. "' trailer, basement, mobile home, shack, or any other building".


2.3 Nuisance "... no boats, trailers, or recreational vehicles shall be stored or kept on any lot for a period of more than 24 hours, unless... enclosed or screened so not visible from street or any other lot. No overnight parking on streets except for private automobiles."


2.4 Vacant Lots. "... maintained in reasonable presentable condition. Debris, weeds or any other material shall be removed or controlled."


2.5 Trash. "No garbage, refuse, or rubbish shall be deposited or kept on any lot or building unit except in suitable containers.


2.6 Animals. " more than two dogs and/or two cats "


2.7 Fences. "... no fences nearer than minimum setback,...higher two feet above finished grade, no higher than six feet, no wire fencing unless approved by Architectural Control Committee (ACC).


2.8 Signs. "" signs except for property for sale, or larger than five square feet."


2.11 Storm Drains. " the owners of K.R.E shall maintain in proper working order all roof drains and area storm drains".


2.12 Construction Period. "... shall be completed as to external appearance, including finish painting and landscaping, within nine months from date of start of construction."


2.13 Landscaping (VIEW)."... Planting materials used shall not exceed 25 feet in height at maturity,... nor exceeds the ridge line height of the building on that lot."


2.16 Clothes Drying Area. "" drying hanging of laundry that can be view from street."


2.17 Yard Lamps." each owner shall install, ...a minimum of one yard lamp at the driveway entrance."


2.18 Maintenance Notice/Assessment of Costs." when ACC decides maintenance needs to be performed on a lot, the ACC will notify owner by certified mail. The owner shall have thirty days from receipt to make necessary repairs has specified in letter. Owner may ask for a hearing before the ACC..."









Architectural Control Committee


3.2 Structures. " no building, fence, hedge, wall or other structure shall be erected, placed or altered on any lot or building site unless submitted and approved by ACC."


3.3 Land Clearing. " native trees or significant ground cover outside of approved building site shall be cut removed or destroyed without approval by the ACC."


3..4 Criteria (Decisions by the ACC)"... harmony of external design, color, and appearance in relation to the surrounding neighborhood... the location of the proposal in regard to slope, soil, existing trees ,roads and existing buildings... effects on surrounding property including but not limited to view blockage."


3.5 Procedure (ACC). "...approve or reject within 30 days. If no action within that time frame the plan is considered approved. The ACC shall have the right to reject for any reason whatsoever an proposal which it decides is not suitable or desirable.


3.5.1 Petitioner to the ACC." each owners agrees that no building, wall, fence, or other structure shall be placed on their lot unless approved by the ACC...each plan submitted to the ACC shall show: site dimensions, location of existing structures ,ridge line relationship (if applicable ),and design plan for new structure. All buildings and other structure must be designed by architect. No alteration of the exterior appearance including color of any buildings or structures shall be made without prior approval."